Back to England

I’m back in England after a bit of time in Wales… actually, I’ve been back for a bit, just not on the Internet. Currently, I’m in Natalie’s friend’s house in Ramsey, just outside of Southampton. We’ve spent the last 4 nights staying in Wells where they have a sweet cathedral (known for all of the carvings of kings, saints, bishops, etc all over the West Front as well as fun carvings inside like guys with toothaches and people pulling thorns out of feet. I liked the vaulting). From Wells, we did day trips to Salisbury (another sweet Cathedral… very English Gothic, tallest spire in England, more amazing vaulting), Stonehenge (it looks just like it is supposed to look), and Bath (as in Roman Baths, and a cool Cathedral…). Today we’re going to hang out, see the new Bond movie (!!!) – have to see it in England really, and Natalie has decided she needs a new, warmer jacket. Tomorrow, off to St. Albans which is base #1 for exploring London. Home in a week and 2 days… can you believe it???


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