Yay I’ m home! We made it in one piece, and our bags made it too! We have been welcomed back to Canada with heaps of snow in Vancouver… not sure what exactly is going on here?!? Ah well, I’ll enjoy the -6 degree weather while I can (-18 with windchill apparently… laugh all you want, but this is a big deal for Vancouver!). So now I’m not tired, even though it is 2am in Canada (only 10am in England right now, maybe thats why I’m not tired) and am trying to make myself tired by putting photos on my computer. I’ve gotten through one memory card and have decided to call it a night/morning. More tomorrow or in the next few days as I get the chance. Oh – and too all of you lovely Victoria people to whom I promised a visit – it might not happen as soon as I thought because it looks like I’m going to Ontario for a week on Wednesday (I guess that is now officially tomorrow) to help look after my grandmother. My aunt in Montreal was going to, but she fell and broke her upper arm and hip whilst ice skating, so she’s pretty much not going anywhere. Since I’m unemployed at the moment, off I go. Computer is coming with me, so hopefully the nursing home has wireless (haha… okay, maybe there will be some signal in the area I can steal) and I can keep everyone updated from there. Until then, LONDON PICTURES!!! (Stonehenge and pretty Cathedrals and Roman Baths are on another card…)

Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London
The Tower Bridge

Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Bridge over the Thames, and Westminster Abbey seen from the London Eye
Buckingham Palace (right at the end of the long skinny lake), Houses of Parliament, and 10 Downing Street (British equivalent to 24 Sussex Drive)
The Thames with the London Eye (L) and Big Ben from the Golden Jubilee Footbridge
Big Ben
Buckingham Palace (Video of changing of the guard going up on YouTube when I get around to it)

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