en encore

Still here in Montreal. I`ve been able to re-go to some of the places I haven`t been to in ages and visit some new ones. As always, a visit to Montreal is not complete without a visit to Schwarz`s, so we had lunch there yesterday (thanks for the gift certificate dad!) after traipsing around Mont Royal for the better part of the morning. It is a little nippy out right now, but still no snow to speak of, although it did snow on Tuesday. Spent Tuesday up at “the Country” or the Laurentians where friends have a cottage. According to the guest book, I haven`t been there since 1997. I missed the last gatherings becuase of being in Australia. Things look pretty much the same I think, although I didn`t make it out to the fort or fort-area where Jen and I played as kids. No deer showing themselves either this time. It was fun to spend part of the day there again though. Tomorrow Jen is abandoning me in favour of work, so we are at the Library now where I am getting books to read. One can only spend so many hours wandering around Westmount. Sitting here typing, I am struck by how boring my life is now that I am not wandering Europe or China or not in school. Maybe I`m finally having a “normal” life. Oh, and on that note – I got a job in Victoria (much rejoicing and celebrating!). Not the one I interviewed for, although I was offered that one but had to turn them down. But I start working for SALTS in February, so I`ll be back and looking for a place to live in the not to distant future.


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