One Year

One year ago this weekend I finalized the pack-up of my life in Victoria and got on a ferry for a few days in Vancouver, before flying to Ontario to start a whole new chapter.

A whole new chapter? Yes, I suppose it was, though the chapter has been just one in a journey of many that started with the first conversation I had, out loud, pondering a call to ordained ministry as a priest.

The last year has had lots of new adventures. I’ve been exploring a new city and region and re-exploring the province of my birth. I’ve been within spitting distance of extended family members who I haven’t lived near in 20 years.

I have started the seminary journey, completing first year (with top grades in the class!) and have begun to lay the foundations for my field placement for this upcoming year. Lots of new friends have joined me on this journey, some who I know I will have for the rest of my life.

I had the opportunity to travel to El Salvador, participating as an international elections observer and witnessing the human rights and development work done by PWRDF partner the Cristosal Foundation.

And there are more adventures to come! Later this month I will be experiencing the Stratford Festival for the first time! Then, I head to Turkey with a group from the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. I continue to work with the theological society to plan orientation for this upcoming year of school. Second year classes begin in a little over a month (eeek!) and I’ll be starting my field placement at a local Anglican church.

Southwestern Ontario is a far cry from Vancouver Island,  but it is beautiful country with wonderful people, and more things to learn and places to explore.

Here is to year two in Ontario!

photo (2)photo (3)photo (4)photo (7)photo (5) photo (6)


In Brief

  • Final paper of the term done. I’m quite fond of it. Title: “I
Spirituality, therapeutic
human through dialogical 
  • I now get a week and a bit off, though the next course will open in a week so I should really start reading then.
  • I made eatmore bars last night and I have eaten more than I should have.
  • I leave tomorrow on the red-eye for Montreal! I’ll be there for four days – a wedding, a confirmation, and 3 or 5 birthdays!
  • I’m going to experiment with tweeting from the sky. We’ll see if that works or not.
  • Photos via twitter will likely be my primary mode of sharing photos of the weekend until I get back because computer is staying right here.

I Went to Montreal and London and Now I’m Home

and Stratford, but apparently I didn’t take any photos with the family there.

Over the week, I…

Met week-and-a-half old baby Piper (she’s a cutie!) in Vancouver

Saw my sister graduate from her Masters at McGill in Montreal

Went to the exhibit commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Bed-In

Drove by the house I grew up in…

…and saw that the birch tree planted when I was born is still there

Drove by “The Weedpatch” – my Grandparent’s old house

Lost 10 years off of my life in rush hour on the 401 in Toronto. (There are 13 lanes in this photo. Thirteen. Count them. Egads!)

Witnessed the wedding of one of our oldest friends (not old as in he is old but old as in our families have been friends since before any of us kids were born)

Drove back on the 401 once more before flying home to beautiful BC over the Gulf Islands (points if anyone can identify any of these islands!)

Montreal, encore

Montreal! Here I am again. Jen graduated from McGill today and I was joined by three of my aunts for the ceremony in a big tent on the lower lawn of campus. She got the degree, we drank champagne, it was a good (and crazy long – I’m not sure what time zone I’m in still) day!

Chapeau Mr Cohen

I arrived in Montreal!

Last night was the first night of the Montreal Jazz Festival, so, of course, we went.  Even better, the opening concert was a tribute to Leonard Cohen, “Chapeau Mr Cohen.” The lineup included everyone from son, Alex Cohen to Buffy St. Marie to Stephen Page of the Barenaked Ladies to Madeleine Peyroux singing arrangements of Leonard Cohen’s songs!  There were like 10 000 people packing out Place des arts, but we had a decent spot when people weren’t trying to sneak in front of us or stepping on our toes to get by… yay for being tall!

Update on the Photo Uploading

I ditched Flikr because it would only let me put up about 10 photos a month without resizing them and I can’t be bothered to do that (and I haven’t figured out how yet on a mac… anyone??). So we’ve switched to Photobucket. But the current source of Internet hates both me and my computer so I’ve given up at around 30 photos. I’ll find a coffee shop with good Internet while I’m in Montreal (leaving tomorrow!) and while Jen’s at work I will be photo upload machine.  Offshore photos coming.  Stay tuned…