Walmart Saga

I swallowed my pride today and went to Walmart. After my experiences with them last month, which were less than good, I pretty much swore I would never go there again despite the fact that they have the cheapest price for developing photos around. Last month, I walked all the way there (an hour) to get some photos developed only to find out when I got there and had already waited in line half an hour that the machine wasn’t working (although I had been assured it was before I left home). Growl. But today, I borrowed the car and drove there (had to go to Best Buy at the same time anyway to exchange a duplicate movie Christmas present and got the Marie Antoinette soundtrack which I quite enjoy) to finally get my Europe photos developed. After dropping them off I went over to Best Buy and did my thing there then headed back to Walmart on the hour they told me the photos would be ready. They weren’t. Not that I was incredibly surprised, there were 400 photos (give or take a dozen or so) in my order after all . However, I had to wait about 30min more. The lady felt bad and she gave me $9 off of my order because I had to wait so long, so I wasn’t complaining. I would have gladly waited another half and hour to save another $9. She handed over my photos and said they were very nice (I guess they look at them as the put them in envelopes) and I left feeling much better about Walmart . Cut to an hour later when I am at home sorting out the photos and I can’t find any of the photos I took in London… or Munich for that matter… or Denmark… or Sweden… or Freiburg… or Galway… hmmm. It turns out, in a Sesame Street sounding way, that Walmart neglected to give me all of the photos that had names “beginning with the letters F, G, H, K, L, and M.” So now I have to go back to Walmart tonight and get them. Suddenly Walmart is not as cool anymore. Maybe I’ll get another $9 off after all.


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