Extreme Slothness

Yesterday, I was possibly the laziest person I know. Rather than risk my life going outside in a Vancouver blizzard (this is actually the view out of the window. Note the driving snow)…
I decided to stay inside and sew 29 badges on my blanket. We all have these blankets that we sew badges on from everywhere we’ve been and I collected a few when I was in Europe, so on the blanket they had to go.
Now 29 is a lot (not all of them were from Europe, there was Cuba and China and a few other miscellaneous ones) of badges to just sew on while doing nothing, so I decided to watch a movie while I was doing it. Well, three movies to be exact… yes, I am a loser; I watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy yesterday. Extended versions. All three. I think I need to nap today to recover.


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