The Sub

Yay! I’m a substitute teacher! That is right, ladies and gentlemen, I taught for the first time on Friday, so now I can add teaching to my rather odd list of work experience. Although, I have to admit, it was rather like being a camp leader because pretty much I just had to keep them on task and busy and not running crazy wild around the school. The kids were all pretty good and there was nothing too challenging. I had a band class and 2 PE classes of grade 9 and 10s. The school was the one my step mum works at and Dad subs there sometimes too. So when I introduced myself to the classes, it was always pretty funny. I think the best was the gr 10 girls:

“Hello, my name is Miss Hoyer” (which sounds weird. Why can’t they just call me Gillian for pete’s sake!) – me
“What is your first name?” – girl #1
“Gillian” – me
“Hey, there is another teacher here with that name” – girl #1
“Yeah, silly, she is the teacher for this class” – girl #2
“Oh yeah, Jill” – girl #1
“What was your name again?” – girl #2
“Miss Hoyer” – me
“Are you related to Mrs Hoyer?” – girl #1. Shall we call her the “bright one”??
“Yes, she is my stepmother, and Mr Hoyer, who also subs here is my father” – me
“HE is your father?!? Woah!” – the bright one
“Yes, and now that we have established that there are teachers at this school with both my first and last names, lets get on with class.” – me

Oy yoy yoy.


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