Welcome to Montreal

Didn’t think I’d make it back here quite so soon…
I had the wonderful fortune of getting up at 3:30am yesterday to catch a 4am shuttle bus out to the airport in time for my 5:40am flight. Gaa, that’s early. I spent the better part of the morning trying to help my stomach figure out what was going on – first breakfast was at 4am, second breakfast was in Vancouver airport at about 6:15, first lunch (I feel like a hobbit just writing this) was around 9am (noon eastern time!) on the plane, second lunch was around noon pacific time… then dinner when I got here.
The shuttle bus operator was far to chipper for that early in the morning and was a little freaky when he started going on about being “Victoria’s most famous bus driver” because his name is Freddy and his last name is Krueger “just like the guy from the horror movie.” Okay, okay, I’ll pay you double if you just let me get to the airport alive!

Oh, and in very exciting news…. I’m seeing John Mayer perform tonight!! (Thanks Jen!)


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