Time Sails Away…

The last week is a bit of a blurr. Jen arrived last week, and so did my food and I don’t think I’ve slept since. There was a fair amount of anxiety going on, between deciding how much food to order (and what food to order) and then figuring out where to put all the food I did order. Eighty-five hundred dollars later…It took us about 2 days to stow all the food: under 8 bunks in the hold, 2 bunks in the fo’c’sle (the produce bunk has 7 x 50lbs boxes of potatoes, 2.5 boxes of carrots, 4 boxes of onions, 1 box each of sweet potatoes and beets, some garlic, and a box of margarine… yay Jen for cramming all that in there!), and under the entire floor of the fo’c’sle is cans, cans and more cans…
Now that we have most of the work done, I am able to sleep again. Or spend all my time thinking about all the thousands of things that I might, just might have to do.
Its been great hanging out with Jen and wandering around Victoria, having her help us at the shipyard, and just sitting on the couch chatting (or watching TV). Tonight, all the crew, shipyard, and office staff were taken out to dinner for a farewell to the Grace crew, meaning I got to have birthday dinner with everyone without having to organize it! Hard to believe we’re gone in 6 days…


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