Three days time…

…I’ll be sailing out of the Inner Harbour on the way to Hawaii. Three days time, we’re off; the last few weeks have flown by. Last night I got my hair cut then got Noodle Box and sat on the lower causeway of the inner harbour for a while eating and taking in Victoria, something I haven’t been able to do in agest because I’ve been so preocupied with getting ready for Offshore. And now, frantic packing! Katie and I spent some time today with our cabin: making and putting up our cabin, cleaning out the under bunk storage, hanging hammocks, and suspending my guitar from the deck head. We even got a new bookshelf today which I am very excited about!
We have shipping agents in all the ports we are going to who can receive mail, but I haven’t got addresses for them yet. Until I get some, mail can go to me, care of the shipyard:
S.A.L.T.S. Sail and Life Training Society
Box 5014, Station”B”, Victoria, BC, V8R 6N3
Departure Ceremony will be 2pm in the Inner Harbour, on the Lower Causeway, right in front of the Empress. City Councillors, MPs and MLAs will be speaking as will Skipper Tony, and Loren our Executive Director. Depite all of that, we intend to be out of there by 3pm… If you can’t be there, think of us and I’ll be keeping you posted as I go, as often as I can. We’ll be doing daily updates once we are out there. Most of the updates will be by Bonice, Skipper Tony’s wife with some by other people. We have this fancy new thing to send text and low-res pictures back to the shipyard (it is a big white dome, so I call it R2), so you can watch the SALTS website for that.


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