Leg 2 Photos

Its taking forever and a day to load pictures, so here’s a quick taste…
The dancers on Hiva Oa. They are all from the same family and the youngest is the little girl in the red – 7 years. We hit it off well.

The church on Nuka Hiva
Skipper catching a dorado
Aputaki in the Tuamotus, best snorkling ever! I have photos from someones underwater camera I’ll upload when internet is more cooperative
A kid on Tahuata, Marquesas.
Church in Pape’ete, Tahiti
Playing with the kids on Aputaki in the Tuamotus.
Some of the kids from Aputaki eagerly awaiting their turn to come on board and use the rope swing
Aputaki in the Tuamotus

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