Bienvenue a Tahiti!

After goodness knows how many days at sea, we arrived in Tahiti this morning! We spent a couple nights in Aputaki in the Tuamotus and a week or so in the Marquises and now here we are. This leg has flown by and I’m sad it is over in a week. This group has been so much fun, and once again, I don’t want any of them to leave. My consolation is that 10 are continuing on next leg, so the fun will continue! This leg has felt more like what I expected Offshore to be like in terms of the places we visited. The connections we have made with communities is incredible and their hospitality has been overwhelming. Hopefully, I’ll get back here with my camera to upload some photos in the near future so you can see the places we’ve been. The Tuamotus are coral atolls and look like places you see photos of but don’t actually exist. Well, now I have those photos! Lots of love to everyone.


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