Well I`ve arrived in Okinawa, Japan. Aside from the fact that 22 degrees now causes me to wear pants and a sweater, its great! We had an insanely long wait for customs to clear us through, but finally by the time dinner was over, we could leave. So here we are! After finally finding an ATM that would accept international cards so I could get Yen, we`ve found a Net Cafe and online we go! Its very exciting to be in a big city, as big as Okinawa isn`t, its the biggest thing I:ve seen in about 6 months. From Tsoi and Palmerston, population 60 to Naha City, population half a million. I:d forgotten what neon lights look like!
The passage here from Guam was fun, although we lost the wind midway so we had to motor most of it. I did a Beijing intro en route, telling people waht there is to see/do and getting people prepared to find stuff online here and possibly book because of winter holiday. We have a bit of a pickle because we:re not sure exactly when we:ll arrive in Shanghai, but we:re aiming for around the 8th or 9th. THe plan is to be in Okinawa until the 5th. Once we leave here, I:ll be doing an intro to CHinese customs and teaching everyone the essentials in Chinese. Yay China GP training coming in handy!
I:m looking forward to exploring stuff in the next little bit and seeing what there is to do here, apparently theres an old castle in the area. Okinawa is also supposed to be known for its pottery, which is good because my mug fell off my bunk in a rather large swell last night and broke into a million pieces so I:m in the market for a new one.


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