Some Christmas Photos

I`ve hooked up my camera to the computer here finally to get the photos off of my memory card. These are from Christmas, at the end of last leg!
Someone gets a little cheeky on the galley whiteboard… How true it is though!
Our stockings are hung by the chimney, I mean from the fore gybing tackle, with care!
The crew all gather by our sad looking betelnut christmas tree.Some of the Christmas presants made onboard:
A picture frame for Bonice from Jose, complete with one of his photos (of her)

Katie opening her box from Andrew

Noah with the slingshot I made him.

On to boxing day watersports fun…

Port watch tries to impress the judges with their costumes…

Susan goes for style points on the rope swing by holding their mascot, an onion, in her mouth

Matt hangs on for dear life on the surfboard pull

Port watch makes a final lap of the boat in the dory race


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