Waiting out the Weather

(Me in the Internet cafe… hat is hiding the sweet fauxhawk I got in Guam. The girl was super excited to cut one because `No one in Guam will let me`)

So here we are, still in Okinawa. Yesterday we were supposed to leave, which would have made me happy because I was not cooking and I have cooked every first day out so far this leg (and perhaps 80% of this offshore). But, there was a low all around us, so we didn:t leave. It decided to pour down rain all day instead. Katie and I did groceries in the morning and then I pretty much slept the rest of the day. Yes, we did have pancakes for Shrove Tuesday! I walked to the Internet last night and was soaked through 2 layers of pants before I even got off the pier. It was that bad. I really should have worn my foulie bottoms because my top was perfectly dry. So we were going to leave this morning, but then Skipper checked the weather and its blowing in the East China Sea – like 40 ft seas. So once again, we:ve decided to stay put another day, which makes me happy because I am cooking today, not tomorrow when we leave. Plus I am at the Internet and attempted to put on some of my movies onto my iPod. One of the guys on the boat put the tv series Firefly on, which is great!
My goal for this afternoon is to find a cheap watch to tide me over until I can get mine fixed and some mittens. I just brought gloves with me, forgetting that I love woollen mittens ever so much better. Then I:m back to the boat to see how many people I:m cooking for tonight (trainees sign up when we are at port so I don:t cook for 40 if 20 peole decide to go out for dinner) and cook dinner. Tonight, we may do an Ash Wednesday service, Jordan and I spent some time last night preparing for it.


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