Calm the Seas!

EDIT: Feb 9, I`ve added one more ash tray at the bottom that I just found!

Bowing to popular pressure, I have taken a self-portrait showing the fauxhawk. Keep in mind that this was moments after soaking myself in the gloriousness that is the bath house and having a through scrub down so my hair is doing its thing based soley on the quality of the cut and a blow dryer at the baths. Now with proper gel, it would not be nearly as fuzzy… but I won`t get to shower again for a couple days so there is no way I`m grossing up my hair with gel.

Anyway, on to more pressing business, we are still stranded in Okinawa, the seas are back up to about 4 m and we are desperately hoping to leave today, only 4 days behind schedule. If you could remember us in your prayers, that the seas will calm down enough for us to go out and not risk hurting us and the boat, that would be lovely. Okinawa is great, but it is starting to get a little old and Shanghai is beckoning!

And now I leave you with one final thing from Okinawa: I am calling it the `Ash Tray Series.` These are pictures off of the little metal ash tray things that you see outside of malls etc at home. They are all over the side of the street here and are too funny for words. I particularily enjoy the stalker and the random helicopter. Although the 200C fire is pretty good too!


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