Greetings from… Okinawa… Bah.

So… two guesses where I am right now.
Yes, that is right. I am STILL in Okinawa… oh Okinawa, how I love you but am getting very very tired of you.
Staying today has meant that today I have been able to find flour which is not readily available in the supermarkets. It is like a return to Tahiti though, where all the packages are no bigger than 1kg. Being here today also means I was able to call my uncle Gord for his birthday, except it was just after midnight on his birthday and he was already in bed so I talked to my aunt Bev for awhile instead. In my defence, they were logged in to Skype, so I did not wake people up to call! And I tried Gord, I tried! 🙂
Today is a strange mix of weather – hot and sunny one minute, cold and raining the next. I:m wandering around with my sunglasses in one hand and my umbrella in the other. I feel like I have done everything that needs to be done in Okinawa. I can pretty much find my way around the town, I:ve downloaded learning Japanese podcasts and have added words like `please,` `I am sorry,` and `I don`t understand` to my vocabulary. Oh, and `Do you sell flour,` vital to my shopping success today. Actually, I found the flour all by myself, but when I go back to buy it later (I didn`t want to cart it around with me for the whole day, so I scouted this morning and will go back and buy later) I will confirm it is flour. Perhaps I will attempt to write down the characters to see if it matches. I have discovered all sorts of ingenious ways to do things without having to know Japanese, and I have expanded my character vocabulary as well. I have no idea what the word is for many of them, but I know what they mean. I will be an asian language machine by the time I get home… okay, wishful thinking, but here`s to hoping!
Well the weather is supposed to be coming back down, although we were hoping to be able to leave today, so maybe tomorrow? I`ve only been saying that for 8 days now though.


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