I think I’m a shoe-a-holic. Half of you are doubled over laughing and shaking your heads right now as you wonder at me only just figuring this out. It is not that I have only figured it out, its just that now I am admitting it to a larger audience. I like shoes.

When in Montreal a couple of weeks ago, I was walking along Rue Ste Catherine not wanting to shop when I fell in love with a dress. It was on sale, it was cute, and it had lots of green on it. What more could I want? Those of you in Edmonton for Carlynne’s wedding will even get to see it.

New cute dress called for cute sandals to wear with it. No clunky Birks (as much as I love them dearly) and no rubber Haviannas for me; after a year on a boat, my cute sandal collection is fairly slim: of the three or four I have, all but one definitely do not go. The sole remaining sandals have painful memories of uncomfortable feet and that was when my feet were used to heels and narrow sandals. My feet are very boat acclimatized now after a year of bare feet and flip flops and don’t fit shoes the same way they once did.
Shoe shopping I must go! I had in my head exactly what I wanted: low heel with none of that platform thing going on, open toe, but semi-enclosed sides with a strap around the heel. Ideally, the shoe would be in a fantastic shade of green, but that is negotiable. Everyone, especially me, should have a good pair of green shoes. What else would a girl wear with all her green clothing? Maybe that is just me.
Unfortunately, no one in the shoe making industry seems to agree with my green shoe sentiments. But I did find a wonderful sandal by one of my favourite shoe designers. I say a sandal because I found it at Winners and could only find one of the pair. After a very in depth search on my part, I had found another wonderful single shoe, but no sandal for me. Until, finally, I was triumphant on both accounts! I am now the proud owner of two new pairs of shoes. Don’t judge me.

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