Today I have come to the realization that I am actually moving back to Victoria really soon! I am quite excited to be back in one of my favourite cities in the world spending time with all the friends I’ve made there over the last four years. With that realization, however, came a certain amount of dread. I hate moving. I hate having all of my things packed into boxes and freaking out about fitting them all into Dad’s car that I get to borrow for the day. I hate the fact that I don’t have any furniture and need to buy some. Correction, I have a desk that I am unsure if it will fit into the car with four totes, an assorted number of bags and boxes, an ironing board, and a guitar.

Included in today’s epiphany was yesterday’s visit to Ikea, the everything wonderstore. Ikea is dangerous. I went in to look at beds and came out in love with a new duvet. And two cutting boards for 99 cents. The wonderful thing about Ikea is everything comes in little packages that fit into little places like a stuffed car. Even the mattress is tiny when rolled tightly. The less wonderful thing about little packages is the inevitable putting together process that ends with cursing Swedish instructions and microscopic pictures.

I haven’t bought the bed yet. I’m still trying to work out if I want to spend $200 on a bed. This from the girl who spent $100 on two pairs of shoes. Go figure. I’ll probably go back and get it next week because, lets face it, I won’t find one cheaper than that and it is pretty much what I want (except for the amazingly 70’s but still cool green queen. But that is another story.)

Things are slowly coming together. I’m looking forward to not living out of boxes and borrowed space.


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