On Take Out

I got take out tonight.  It was cold, wet, and windy, I had no desire to go to the grocery store or attempt to cook something out of the meagre supplies in my food drawer.  I ordered Chinese and ate it by myself in front of my [roomate’s] TV.  

On reflection, this makes me somewhat concerned about my state of being.  Most nights I don’t feel like cooking.  Partially this is because I simply don’t have all the things I’d like to cook with and can’t be bothered to buy them/can’t face the size of the bill if I did.  The other part of the partially is that I don’t have the ambition to cook.  I spent two years cooking for thirty-five people and all “easy” recipes have now been killed for me.  There isn’t much left but take out at this point.  I just hope that doesn’t make me too much like Bridget.

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