On Travel

I’ve started to dream about my next trip.  I’m not sure if this is a good sign or a bad sign.  Part of me thinks it is bad because it means I’m not happy or settled where I am right now.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Victoria, but I miss the excitement of new places and people and the constant education involved in learning about new cultures and experiencing life in new and different ways.  It may also have to do with the state of slight uncertainty that I find myself in right now.  I have a job, but the employers are on holidays and the future of said job was left in a fairly ambiguous state.  I may be full time when they get back, I may be part time; I don’t know.  Until then, I’ll enjoy the people I work with and learning (sort of) new things there.  I also have another job in the wings which I’m going to be casual at starting next week.  It is potentially more along the lines of what I’ll be doing long-term so I’m looking forward to that.  However, it may mean working six days a week for the next bit which isn’t so much fun.

Come to think of it, maybe what I miss and why I’m looking ahead to new adventures is the thrill of no set schedule when traveling.  It is quite a different lifestyle to have no agenda for the day and to be able to take life as it presents itself and capitalize on the opportunities as they come.  I had dinner with friends the other night and they have also spent considerable amounts of time in places with lifestyles vastly different to our North American way of life.  We were speaking of the freedom that comes with not needing to be a cog in the wheel of capitalism/materialism/whatever.  Many, and I would hazard to say most, of the world works only to live.  Once the food for the day is accumulated, there is no point in working further unless repairs need to be done to the house etc. and so one is free to enjoy family, friends, music, sport, and so many other things.   Work is done solely to exist, none of this working to get ahead and amass vast amounts of material possessions.  Some of the happiest people I have ever met are people living in what we would (perhaps arrogantly?) label Third World.  No they are not as “developed” as we are in the “West” (another misnomer), but how do they compare on a happiness level?
One thing I know for sure, some of the happiest times I have experienced have been living out of my backpack or my bunk on the boat as I’ve traveled in places where people have, relatively speaking, nothing and finding the joy of experiencing life with them.  Not because I have lots of things to give and share but because of me and because of them and because of the fact that we share life together on this planet.

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