My evening reading has been, for the last number of months, snippets from various works of the wonderful Madeleine L’Engle, one of my all-time favourite writers.  I read from And it was Good: Reflections on Beginnings last night:

We can recognize the holy good even while we are achingly, fearfully aware of all that has been done to it through greed and lust for power and blind stupidity.  We forget the original good of all creation because of our own destructiveness.  The ugly fact that evil can be willed for people by other people, and that the evil comes to pass does not take away our capacity to will good.  There may be many spirits abroad other than the Holy Spirit (the Gospels warn us of them), but they do not make the Holy Spirit less holy.  Our paradoxes and contradictions expand; our openness to God’s revelations to us must also be capable of expansion.  Our religion must always be subject to change without notice — our religion, not our faith, but the patterns in which we understand and express our faith.

Just a thought.

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