I had a ‘Oh, I can’t wait to go home and call mum and tell her’ moment this evening.  I found out tonight that the Kit I sing alto with in choir, the Kit who looked vaguely familiar, is in fact Kit Pearson, the Canadian children’s writer.   Someone said to me, in front of her “Did you know that we have a famous author in our midst?”  I replied that no, I didn’t.  As soon as they told me who she was, however, I exclaimed “Oh, I’ve read all your books!”  Her response was that she now felt old… whoops.  I loved her books as a kid, especially A Handful of Time and the trilogy about some English kids who come and live in Toronto during WWII.  Actually, I re-read the trilogy last year…  Mum introduced me to them when she bought them for the BDCS school library in Belleville.  I’m pretty sure she would have been excited to hear I’ve met the author.

So, because I was excited, I came home and told my roommate who didn’t know what I was talking about. Then I emailed my sister, and she validated my excitement.  And now I share with you.


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