The Word of the Lord (Advent #4)

God’s story is true.  We know that God’s story is true because God gave us his Word – that Word who came to us as one of us, and died for us, and descended into hell for us, and rose again from the dead for us, and ascended into heaven for us.  The Word became the living truth for us, the only truth that can make us free.  Part of that freedom is mortification.  Part of that freedom is the Cross, for without the Cross there can be no Resurrection.

When was the last time anybody asked you, “Do I have your word?”  Or when was the last time anybody said to you, “I give you my word,” and you knew that you could trust that word, absolutely?  How many times in the last few decades have we watched and listened to a political figure on television and heard him say, “I give you my word. . .” and shortly thereafter that word has proven false.  In the past year alone, how many people have perjured themselves publicly?   Sworn on the Bible, given their word, and that word has been a lie?  Words of honour are broken casually today, as though they don’t matter.

Small wonder that when God tells us, “I give you my Word,” few people take him seriously.

“I give you my Word,” said God, and the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.

– Madeleine L’Engle, The Rock that is Higher


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