Merry Mainland Christmas

Merry Christmas greetings from the Mainland.  We took the ferry over yesterday afternoon, crossing just around sunset making the Gulf Islands look absolutely spectacular.  It was quite picturesque.

Today we drove uptown to do some groceries for the meal Jen and I are making tomorrow night (we volunteered to do Christmas Eve dinner, menu will follow after the fact as it is a surprise).  I was slightly nervous driving in snow after not having done it in years, and driving only slightly more frequently, but my concern was unfounded.  The roads are fine.  Although we did hit a bit of a blockage on the way home where someone had gone into the ditch and a tow truck was pulling them out.  I was quite impressed that they even had a police officer directing traffic around it.  It wasn’t until after we passed that we realized that the police officer was there to direct traffic because it was his car in the ditch!

And now I leave you with a joke I heard at church on Sunday…

Did you hear that there will not be a creche scene in Ottawa this year?
It is because they couldn’t find three wise men or a virgin to be Mary and they had too many asses to fit in the stall…


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