I have a problem. It would seem that I am addicted to reading books, good books. Add that in to the love of learning and I’m hooped. The problem is that whenever I hear something about a particular theory that sounds interesting or a model of doing something is proposed, I have to learn more. As a result I’m constantly looking for books; at least I have been in the last few days. Perhaps it has something to do with being back at school, although none of the subjects I’m looking up have any relation to what I’m learning in classes at the moment.  I am getting quite adept at looking for books on the various library catalogues I have access to, online shopping sites, and online bookstores.

However, all of this skill at finding books does not help my ever-growing list of books I want to read which currently stands at 8.  Add that in to the mix with classes and textbooks to read (for the first time ever I’m up on all my readings for class! Yay me.) and I think I know how I’ll be spending all of my spare time.

Speaking of spare time, I’m going to start working 2 days a week soon.  Finally.  It will be nice to have an income again…!


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