I play drop in volleyball every Monday night at the local Rec Centre. It is a sign up thing, so (in theory) there is a capped number of players. This is nice because it means that you don’t end up with situations where you’re sitting waiting to play more than you’re actually playing. We always end up with an interesting mish-mash of players, although there are a few regulars who are there nearly every week. It is interesting to see how the group dynamics can shift so dramatically with the addition/subtraction of one or two people. There is one guy who comes who likes to boss everyone around and consequentially can be annoying… There is another guy who is a goof and nicely lightens the moods although he can slack off in the playing department. I find that my playing really depends on who I am playing with.  I had an off night tonight (no amazing kill shots like last week). Sometimes there is that player with whom you click and you can rely on them to help you get back on your game. Not tonight. It is hard to get your head back into a game that is lacking in intensity. I guess I was a little too frustrated with some of the play. Volleyball is such a mental sport and you really need to be on top of things. In the long run, I enjoy getting out to play a little ball every now and again so I guess I can’t be too choosey about the quality of play!


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