Getting my Exercise

Yesterday ended up being quite the day. I was walking to my chiro appointment in the morning when work called me to see if I could come in that evening for a four hour shift. Since I haven’t worked in a month, who am I to turn that down?! As it was, however, the day was getting packed.

By the time I got home, I needed to leave about 45 min later to head up to the university to return some textbooks. (I’ve been able to borrow my anatomy text from a very wonderful person who has saved me $170.) Then it was down to the public library to return a couple of books (Anne Rice’s Called out of Darkness and Peter Hopkirk’s The Great Game that took me forever to read but was quite interesting) and pick up a hold that just came in. The latest addition to my must-read pile (made more urgent by being library books) is a new-ish one by Colleen McCullough, an author I’ve enjoyed in the past. The book is called The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet and is about Mary from Pride and Prejudice. Reviews have been mixed, so we’ll see how I like it.

From the library, I biked, on the new bike I purchased the day before the heavens opened with snow, out to the Saanich Police Station to get my criminal record check done so I can volunteer on the boat this summer. (Trip 3 y’all, be there.) The officer on duty just happened to be the same [very attractive] one who was on duty when I got my check done for work three months ago. He recognized me. My questioning whether or not it is okay to flirt with attractive cops who do your criminal record check has generated one of the most commented Facebook discussions I’ve ever had… The consensus is yes, it is just fine. In my defense, he initiated the conversation. I just kept it going… I guess I’ll look forward to going back next week to pick up the completed check.

I digress.  From the Police Station it is a fairly nice (but also partially uphill) bike ride to Royal Oak where I was visiting the wonderful Bonice (of the SALTS log fame). We enjoyed genuine Chinese jasmine tea and chocolate, just like old times in the stern of the Grace, until she had to meet the boys at the bus stop and I had to head back into Gordon Head for work. Whew. I had just enough time to grab a coffee at the new Starbucks in Gordon Head before getting to the home in time for my 4 hour shift. I decided coffee was necessary to make it through the evening. I did cause more than one motorist to double take in my general direction as I was biking down the road with my coffee in one hand.  Don’t worry, Dad, I was being safe. They were all backstreets and motorists do it all the time.

By the time I got home, it was nearly 8:30 pm and I did little else but check emails and collapse into bed with a wonderful book I’ve been lent: Organic Edge: Targeted Review to Ace Organic Chemistry. Apparently satisfaction is guaranteed.  I hope that means I’ll pass the course. I’ve never used one of those fancy books before, but I’m willing to do a lot to understand this stuff. Dredging up chemistry factoids from the deep, dark recesses of my brain where they’ve been decaying for the last 9 years is proving to be a challenge.

Despite all that exercise, I didn’t sleep as well as hoped last night. Probably because I currently have the sorest bum on the planet from all that cycling.


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