Life Questions

Perhaps I’ve been a little soon in my enthusiastic re-embrace of school life.  The fact of two “quizzes” (it shouldn’t be called a quiz when it is worth nearly 10% of your finally grade) next week has dawned on me. The fact that one of them seems daunting when it is meant to be on review material is somewhat frightening.

This week has been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster that way. One minute I’m super excited to be back in the school environment of structured learning and the next I want out. The prospect of no alternative at the moment, however, keeps me in. It also makes me wonder if I should perhaps spend some more time contemplating Plan B. One should always have a Plan B (or so wise people have told me) and it is high time I began to think of one. If McGill/Nursing school doesn’t pan out, where should I go from there? It is both exciting and alarming to think about these things.

You can see the reasons behind my roller-coaster week as I’ve spent some time contemplating these kinds of questions. If you have thoughts, I would really love to hear them.


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