Chicken Curry

Every now and then I remember that I own a wondrous invention: the crock pot.  I had an interview/orientation today (still not sure what it was. I thought it was an interview, but I’m getting paid to have been there an hour and there will be an interview sometime next week) for a job I might work occasional evenings.  I had a bit of time to kill between class and going downtown so I pulled out my trusty crock pot and stuffed it with chicken, tomatoes, onions, and my special curry spice mix (it is “my” special mix because I mixed it up before I put it in).  Put the pot on high, turned it down to low when I left, arrived home three and a half hours later to the fragrant aromas of chicken curry.  All that remained was to chuck in some celery and cabbage (didn’t want them to get soggy and I needed more veggies in my dinner) while I made rice and PRESTO: dinner!  It was fantastic.  I was able to study for my anatomy quiz tomorrow while eating the most complete meal I’ve had in about a, so now my evening is complete.


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