How I Did

Here’s how I did on the tasks to accomplish this weekend:

Looking forward to list:

  • Church – Sunday morning and Evensong.
  • A long walk. 
  • Some quality reading time.
  • The beginning of an illustrious banjo career.
  • Sleep.

Not looking forward to list:

  • Anatomy Lab/Quiz study
  • Reading chemistry.
  • Lots of reading of biomedical ethics.


  • To accomplish all of the looking forward to things and at least one and a half of the not looking forward to things.
  • Loaner banjo hasn’t arrived, therefore no beginnings of my career. I did look up how to play it online.
  • I can always use more sleep. And since I didn’t specify the amount of sleep, I can’t really justify crossing it entirely out. I did sleep at times this weekend though!
  • Don’t have my Chem text yet and I couldn’t be bothered to go up to the university to read the one on reserve. Quiz isn’t until Friday anyway.
  • Could have read a lot more of the Biomedical Ethics than I did, though I got through a chapter. Another chapter will get done on lunch break tomorrow.
Overall Verdict:
  • I didn’t do too badly given that I ended up having dinner with friends on Saturday (when my 3 hour walk and dropping off a birthday card on the way home turned into an extended visit and dinner) and went out for brunch after church on Sunday with half the choir. I’d say it was a successful weekend. Now all I need is a good long sleep before work tomorrow.

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