Random Observations

Some interesting happenings and observations of the last 24 hours:

But before I forget, Happy Australia Day today.
I noticed myself tucking my kleenex into the sleeve of my turtleneck last night at church. I had no pockets, okay?!? It made me think of my Grandmother. She used to do that all the time. I probably learnt it from her. I wonder if I took the kleenex out before I put my shirt in the laundry last night? I should check on that.

Some patient at work today told me I look like Charlize Theron. Nice of him, but not likely. I can’t do her whole smokey eye thing… He was an awkward 22-year old so that may have something to do with it.

The stars have been pretty darn amazing the last few nights. I just wish it wasn’t so cold so I could go sit outside in the park down the street and look. There is an insanely bright star that I see every evening in the SW area of the sky. I keep thinking it is Jupiter, but I don’t think it is (after consulting with my star program on the computer) because Jupiter isn’t visible right now. Perhaps it is Sirius or something.

I was asked to be on parish council for the second time in a week last night. The catch: the requests are for different parishes. I go to the Cathedral Sunday morning for church, and am active there in the choir and so on. I consider that my church. But Sunday night, I frequently go up the hill to St. Luke’s for Evensong. It is a nice service that is a little less formal than the Evensong at the Cathedral and I’ve met some lovely people there as well. The Cathedral asked last weekend. St. Luke’s mentioned it last night. I think they just want me because I’m young. Exploitation of youth, that is what it is…

I wore my PNG Mother Hubbard Shirt to church yesterday (over another shirt, with a big black belt to make it less pregnancy looking) and not no end of compliments on my outfit. Take that all you SALT-ies who mocked me buying one of those at the market in Madang!

I like sunshine.


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