7 Things [2]

7 Things from the week, or not. Maybe just 7 things in a randomly connected order that makes sense only to me and my methods of lateral thinking.
  1. I am excited about this weekend because we’re having a church workshop and I’m facilitating a table discussion. It is on how the church can/should be growing and changing to meet the needs of our world today, something I’m fairly passionate about. As a relative newcomer to the church, I’m glad I’m facilitating not taking a more formal part in the discussion because I don’t have much to say on the whole history side of thing. I can still interject ideas, so I will get my two cents in where I need to.
  2. I’m feeling a lot better about life and my own future this week. I’ve got some plans that I’m praying about and we shall see where they take me. I want to wait another week or so before I act on anything because I don’t want to make any rash decisions, but I’m feeling much happier about the path ahead now than I was a few weeks ago.
  3. I find myself randomly commenting on strange things I see while I’m walking to and from school. I am usually walking alone so I must look strange talking outloud to myself but something makes me think I’ll remember things better that way. I don’t know why because I never remember any of the strange happenings and they never get written about.
  4. Although one of the things I have seen involves signs that we have all over campus at the moment. You may or may not know that UVic is infested with bunnies. I have never seen so many rabbits in one place, it is like Watership Down or something. These signs on campus have deer on them and they are asking you not to chase after the bunnies because you wouldn’t chase after a deer. I’m not sure of the logic that went into that advertising campaign. If a drunk res student is going to chase a bunny, they would probably chase a deer as well. Goodness knows we have those on campus too.
  5. Speaking of Watership Down, I never did really get that book. It was supposed to be amazing and it was on required reading lists for most of Jr High and maybe even High School. I’m not sure if I ever finished it. I just didn’t like it at the time and now I can’t bring myself to ever try it again.
  6. Another book I feel the same way about is Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Never got into that one either. Which is strange, because I usually read just about anything as long as it is well written. I can probably count on one hand the number of books I have started and not finished.
  7. Since my train of thought has brought be to books, we may as well conclude there. My bookshelf is full. I need a new one, or else I need to downsize the number of books I have out. My list of books to read is increasing as is the amount of time it is taking me to get through a book. I’m reading a great one about Myanmar (Burma) now but through the lens of George Orwell. It is from the same era as other books I’ve been reading except it is South East Asia as opposed to South-Central Asia. It has been interesting to connect the dots and recognize names common to both. It is also to see where perhaps some of Orwell’s ideas for Animal Farm and 1984 came from.

(In response to Conversion Diary)


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