Frost and Flowers

As already noted, Victoria doesn’t do well with snow. In fact we pretty much shut down. 
We were spoiled for a number of days over the last week or two with some spectacularly sunny days. And then the snow warnings began. We’ve even got contingency plans for our workshop tomorrow. I guess we have learned from the delays of our Christmas Pageant
This morning I woke up to a fine layer of frost that looked like snow on the roof outside my window. I had momentary visions of no classes but laughed that off fairly quickly. 
I still find it amusing that this city is already complaining about our winter when most of the country is still under snow and will be for a number of weeks to come. Out here, once the snowdrops are up and blooming, (and they are up) we consider spring right around the corner. After all, the annual flower count is coming up in 4 short weeks and we have a reputation to uphold.

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