Happy Birthday Dad!

That is right, today is the day. Happy birthday, Dad! I don’t know if I’m allowed to announce your age to the whole wide world, so I won’t.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll let Dad show us how he feels about reaching a the beginning of another year. (And from being only 6 years away from a GoldCard…)
I asked Jen what she remembered about birthdays past, and she reminded me of when she wrapped Dad’s 40th birthday present 40 times, using up all of the wrapping paper in the house… We have no recollection of what the gift actually was but the wrapping paper was fun.
While not a birthday memory, I have lots of winter memories with Dad (so they could be this time of year): Of being pulled on the sled while Mum and Dad cross-country skied in Belleville. When we got a little older, the four of us would ski across the Bay of Quinte and have tea with friends on the other side before being driven back. Then there were the ill-fated ice skating expeditions, also on the Bay. The first involved me dodging a snowball and ending up in Emerg. The second involved Dad going through the ice and ending up in his mukluks and lots of blankets at home. I remember downhill skiing with Dad in Quebec and him attempting to teach me techniques like standing up or turning. Dad may remember how that ended up… We got professional lessons on future ski trips.
Not all memories involve mishaps, however. There were polar bear dips at camp (a tradition I am proud to say I have kept up) and for New Years. There were lots of summer camping trips all over the place where we got to do lots of fun/unusual/crazy/educational things. There were high school classes with Dad and finally receiving my high school diploma from him. And more recently, we had a great sushi education lunch in Vancouver (spicy tuna is good!) where the three of us, Jen, Dad, and I, were able to spend time together, just the three of us, for the first time in ages.
So now another year starts, who knows when we’ll all be together again, but you are always in our thoughts and prayers, Dad. Have a great birthday!

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