Crazy Life

Welcome to February!

The next two weeks leading up to reading break have the potential to be slightly crazy. Today is my last “day off” (not including Sundays, but they don’t count since I’m up to be at church by 8:30 am) until the Tuesday of the break. I am working every day I don’t have classes between now and then plus have a couple of “extracurriculars” planned; it should keep my busy and out of trouble and all of that.  Not to mention borderline insane. Why do profs like to have their exams either on the last day before the break or the first day after?

This is, I suppose, my roundabout way of apologizing for not writing anything profound in this space. Perhaps once the need for procrastination and distraction becomes more intense, I will have something more exciting to say.

Until then, I am off on a walk to the Christian bookstore to look for a book I can’t find anywhere else and to study some anatomy on the way. Victorians: the strange person walking down the road randomly moving appendages and feeling where muscles attach is me.


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