I Went to Montreal and London and Now I’m Home

and Stratford, but apparently I didn’t take any photos with the family there.

Over the week, I…

Met week-and-a-half old baby Piper (she’s a cutie!) in Vancouver

Saw my sister graduate from her Masters at McGill in Montreal

Went to the exhibit commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Bed-In

Drove by the house I grew up in…

…and saw that the birch tree planted when I was born is still there

Drove by “The Weedpatch” – my Grandparent’s old house

Lost 10 years off of my life in rush hour on the 401 in Toronto. (There are 13 lanes in this photo. Thirteen. Count them. Egads!)

Witnessed the wedding of one of our oldest friends (not old as in he is old but old as in our families have been friends since before any of us kids were born)

Drove back on the 401 once more before flying home to beautiful BC over the Gulf Islands (points if anyone can identify any of these islands!)


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