Masters Degree: Week 3

It is week three of my degree and already I have managed to write 3 1/3 papers, submit a draft instead of a final copy of my team project for marking, and read more textbook chapters and journal articles than one should in a three week period.

It has been an interesting time. 

To be fair, the last few weekends have been fairly busy: I went to Edmonton for the long weekend, not realizing that my course started the week before the long weekend rather than the week after like every other school in the country. Last weekend was back over to Vancouver (third time in a month and a bit) for the marriage of two good friends and former co-workers.

I wouldn’t change any of it, but it has been challenging, to say the least, to get into a routine of work/life/school when the variables are constantly changing.  This week, well today, has been a bit of a low point in which I question my suitability for even doing the degree. Then I contemplate doing my current job for the rest of my life and I get encouraged to continue in school. But seriously, six years of post-secondary and I sign up for two more?!?

Oh well, it is nothing that a stiff drink and a good sleep won’t fix.


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