Myanmar Trip

I may have mentioned before that I am going to Myanmar in November. If you missed that memo, here it is: I’m going to Myanmar in November. (For those still unsure, here is where Myanmar is. You may also know it as Burma.) I’ll be going with a group from the Anglican Diocese of BC as a part of our Partners in Mission Companion Diocese program. From the Island, a group of young people are going, and we’ll be taking part in the anniversary celebrations of their Anglican Young People’s Association.

One of the guys on our team has set up this skookum website; which is currently in the process of having info added to it. But when its all ready to go, it will be a fount of info and goodness! I might even post over there now and again. So check it out!

If you’re on the Island, we’ll be having a number of fund-raising activities in the months to come, and we’d love your support. If you’re not on the Island, we’d still love your support so drop me a line and I’ll let you know how you can get involved!


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