Oh the Vanity

Facebook is the ultimate in status and vanity these days, it seems. How hot is your profile picture? How many cows did you save? How often do you update your status? How many friends do you have? Golly, even I’m not immune. Not that I am the pinnacle of that which is pure and holy, I’d just like to think of myself as above all of that.

It would appear not.

I noticed, a number of weeks ago, that an acquaintance-who-shall-remain-unnamed had changed me to a limited view of their profile. Slight insult ensued, but since we were not the most excellent of friends I decided to not care. Besides, the main reason for viewing that particular profile was mainly for its entertainment value.

Last night, when online for various reasons (school work, I promise!), I noticed I was down a friend. How I noticed, I don’t know. I swear that I do not sit and count my friends, my number had just been one with a large proportion of the number “8” which is my favourite number, so it stood out to me. I know, I’m strange. Get over it.

Today, I discovered who that minus one friend is: acquaintance-who-shall-remain-unnamed. Hah! The interesting thing is, our mutual friends are still mutual friends, there has been no “unfriending” of the others.

Take insult or laugh in this person’s face?


One thought on “Oh the Vanity

  1. My friend is doing her thesis on social media and whether or not it creates conflict or resolves it…… This could be a case study!!! Lol

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