Oh, ten months ago or so, I wrote about the plastics filling our oceans. Huge areas of plastic just floating around. I didn’t sail through it in the Pacific, but we certainly saw the evidence of it on Midway, as I wrote above.Friends are currently sailing to the South Pacific, and they spent four days getting through the garbage. Its crazy.

I wrote then, and I still agree, we need to rethink how much we use plastics and what we do with them when we’re done. I get really frustrated at the layers and layers of plastic packaging things come in when I buy them. Everything from new cutlery to fruits and vegetables come wrapped in plastic. In Japan, all of the produce was individually wrapped in plastic. It drove me crazy. I never rarely take a plastic bag for my produce at the grocery store. When I do, I recycle it. I think that our garage contains the largest home-based recycling centre known to humankind. As a result, the garbage goes out, at most, once a month. Partially because we forget it is garbage day, partially because it takes that long to fill the bin up.

Jen sent this link today. I think it is fantastic and if they were selling them and if I needed a vacuum cleaner, I would totally buy one.


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