July 1

Happy Canada Day!

I was doing some recollecting the other day and I can only think of a couple Canada days that I’ve actually been in the country over the last decade. Strange, eh?

  • 2010 : I’m staying right here!
  • 2009 : Kenya
  • 2008 : Recently returned from Offshore. I was in Montreal. Does Quebec count as being in Canada?!? We didn’t celebrate it, we had already celebrated Fete Nationale the previous week.
  • 2007 : Honolulu, on Offshore
  • 2006 : En route to China
  • 2005 : I have no idea. It was 2 days before Dad and Colleen got married, so I must have been in Canada, somewhere.
  • 2004 : Australia
  • 2003 : Prince George. That must be the one I remember eating ethnic foods at and watching mediocre bands at Fort George Park.
  • 2002 : Australia
  • 2001 : No recollection. Probably PG.

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