Yeah… sorry about that.

I am still here and I have been thinking about things, just not writing here. I started two courses this week – two. The usual for the program is one at a time but I’m doing two right now so that I don’t have to worry about one when I’m in Myanmar this fall. The downside is that one of the courses I am in right now is actually one of the most intense of the entire program. I usually spend the first week of a new course trying to find my footing in it. This time, I am doing it for two. Top that off with the first nice weather of the summer and me starting up at yoga, and life has been a little crazy lately.

On the plus side, I got my marks back from the last course I did, the one I did from Portland and France and various points of travel in between. It was the highest mark of the program to date. Apparently I should go to Portland or France more often.

Today, until I was chastised in the comments of my own blog, I have mostly been working on school work, interspersed with walks and naps. Mostly school work though. One course has an insane [my opinion] number of assignments, so I have started on one for the other course due in three weeks. Logical, no? It is actually going to be easier and is something I had already begun to work on for something else, so I though I would get it out of the way while I could.

Now that I have appeased the lone voice of dissent, I will resume my scheduled evening activities: break for food, finish paper, watch DVD counselling session for course, journal responses to DVD for paper, put away laundry, sleep. What a glamorous life I lead.


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