November. School and San Fran.

And then it was November. I’m not sure where October went. Nor September for that matter.

One week left in my coursework and I am frantically researching and writing my final paper for the course. It isn’t supposed to be long but there is a lot of research in the area and it is harder to write something when there is a lot already written on the topic. I feel like I have to read absolutely everything before writing the paper which has meant at least 3 days of reading and note-taking so far. All of that for a ten page paper seems excessive.

Because I am doing all of that, I haven’t spent nearly as much time planning the upcoming trip to San Francisco as I would like. I’m relying on my sister’s preparation and the guidebook given to me by my friend. A week from now, I’ll be basking in San Francisco-ness and enjoying the many shows there. I have no idea how/what to pack as it looks like it is 10 degrees warmer there than here but I need to be ready for rain and fog. Plus, I need to bring my computer as I’ll have to do some school work from there. At least I can travel and do school all at once.


One thought on “November. School and San Fran.

  1. Hey Gill!

    If you are going to be in San Francisco I have two (and I am REALLY limiting myself here) recommendations for you #1) – Tartine Bakery and Cafe (, fabulous atmosphere and incredible food! #2) Creativity Explored- wonderful place, they are doing a really neat thing. We walked into the workshop area and the artists were super friendly and excited to talk with us about themselves and their art ( Both of these are in the Mission district. Enjoy! Hope you have an amazing time!


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