In Review and Looking Ahead

Without breaking my “don’t talk about work on the blog” rule, I feel that I can say that this week is going to be a busy one. I have more appointments this week than I’ve had any other so far and most of them are concentrated onto two days. It is good to be busy but I’m also hoping that it doesn’t drain me too much. I’m leaning a lot about making sure I get enough sleep!

It was a good weekend though. My roommate had a birthday on the weekend and her boyfriend and I managed to get a whole bunch of her friends over for a surprise board game night. I got home from work and had to wait until she left the house for a soccer game before I could make cupcakes in order to have them ready 2 hours later! I now know that putting them in the freezer for about 10 minutes after baking cools them sufficiently to ice. Nut/Dairy-free (as they need to be in our house) Chocolate cupcakes with caramel icing!

(iPhone photo with a new app I’m playing with)


One thought on “In Review and Looking Ahead

  1. Sounds like a good party…good cupcakes and very exciting work times.

    I would imagine that working (in your chosen field) would require a while different set of abilities, neurons and emotions.

    This sounds so cheesy, because we are peers but I’m so proud of your accomplishment Gillian! You did it! 🙂 How exciting!

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