Getting Crafty

The last few days I have been at a loss for what to do. Since my Major Case Presentation was finally accepted on Tuesday (!!) and my degree was conferred, I have had some time to fill. So I started making things. Thursday morning I went and picked up some fabric scraps. One of my favourite local clothing makers sells bags of their scraps for $10-$15. It is luck of the draw, but I’ve gotten some good pieces of fabric out of the bags. I have enough large chunks of silk-screened fabric or wools to make some skirts and some other things. The smaller pieces will be saved for patchwork projects or something of the like. Thursday afternoon I sat at the kitchen table and created patterns (based on existing clothing) and sewed a shirt. Photos will follow when I actually wear these articles. It is fun to have ideas bouncing around in my head and things I’d like to create. No idea if any of them will actually look good, but it will be fun to try.


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