Getting Crafty

The last few days I have been at a loss for what to do. Since my Major Case Presentation was finally accepted on Tuesday (!!) and my degree was conferred, I have had some time to fill. So I started making things. Thursday morning I went and picked up some fabric scraps. One of my favourite local clothing makers sells bags of their scraps for $10-$15. It is luck of the draw, but I’ve gotten some good pieces of fabric out of the bags. I have enough large chunks of silk-screened fabric or wools to make some skirts and some other things. The smaller pieces will be saved for patchwork projects or something of the like. Thursday afternoon I sat at the kitchen table and created patterns (based on existing clothing) and sewed a shirt. Photos will follow when I actually wear these articles. It is fun to have ideas bouncing around in my head and things I’d like to create. No idea if any of them will actually look good, but it will be fun to try.


Sunny Day Quiet Evening

Today has been a satisfying day.

My major case presentation has arrived back with minimal revisions necessary. I was a little bit worried as the prof who is my reviewer was one who was a fairly hard marker during the coursework. But there are only about 4 paragraphs that he wants reworked. Not too bad.

I bused out to a friend’s house – 45 min – to borrow a bicycle in anticipation of a friend visiting for the weekend. The cycle home along the Galloping Goose Trail was lovely, if hot, and there were some incredible views of the straight of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic mountains.

I threw together dinner, but it was tasty and satisfying. Really, anything that includes broccoli is a win in my book.

Pulled the ukulele out and played for the first time in awhile. I might just have enough competence regained to bring it with me on SALTS in 3 weeks time. I have decided that a ukulele is a better size than a guitar for travelling and for bringing on a tall ship. I can always borrow a guitar on board because there are usually a few kicking around.

I’m wearing my newest slippers. I made them out of a sweater that I accidentally shrunk a little. It was a favourite sweater that I bought in Japan and was super cozy and comfortable. However, in washing it, it shrunk a little – too much to be wearable. I couldn’t bear to part with it, so I felted it and have now cut and sewn it into slippers. Sweater slippers. Possibly the most comfortable thing ever.