I’m IN!

Dear Gillian;

It is my pleasure to send you official confirmation of your admission to the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology program in the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences.

Yorkville University has assembled a group of outstanding professors who are dedicated to providing students with a meaningful and relevant curriculum. Clearly, the quality of our program depends on the quality of our graduate students. According to the Admissions Committee, you have the desire, motivation, and ability to successfully complete the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology.

We look forward to having you study with us.

In the news

Said me to myself this morning as I looked out the window: “Why is there a Radio-Canada van in the car park at the Inn down the street? Come to think of it, why are there so many TV/Radio/etc. vans in the car park at all?”
Then I read the news online and then I went for a walk and saw the front pages of the papers: this is going on around the corner… and local bunsinesses are happy?!?
It is on the front page of every newspaper in Greater Vancouver today. Every. Single. One.