We docked in Hawaii – Hilo on the Big Island – last night just after midnight and were officially cleared through customs this morning! I spent this morning at the weekly farmers market with Katie stocking up on fresh fruits and veggies we have not seen for a few weeks. This afternoon I, with some others, drove out to some waterfalls and then to a beach where we snorkled for a bit (and I got to try out my new equipment birthday presant from Dad and Colleen!). The first thing that struck me was the sand was black from the volcanic rocks. Then, I got out there and saw all sorts of huge colourful corals and lots of bright fish. And then there were the turtles!!!
Anyway, internet is expensive here, so if you haven’t checked out the daily log on that Bonice, the Skippers wife, does each night, you should because it is a pretty good insight into our days. She does not exaggerate the rocking of the ship and the craziness of the galley at times. I’ve only been burnt twice though, which I am proud of. Another highlight for me was bowsprit hanging yesterday – hanging from a rope (in a harnes) from the tip of the bowsprit and dangling in the water. Not only is it lots of fun and very refreshing, it is a great way to exfoliate every part of your body… I’m looking forward to sailing past the flowing lava in the next few days and seeing the bay where Captain Cook was killed. Then its up to some of the other islands. Photos when I can get cheaper internet!


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