Still no pictures because, silly me, in the hurry to get into the zodiac this morning I forgot to bring my cord. We are on Maui at the moment, the town of Lahina. The last few days have been eventful. Sunday we went up Mauna Kea, the hightest point on the Big Island, and, at just under 14000ft the tallest mountain in the world. Yes, it is taller than Everest because it goes from 0 to 14000 ft in about a 2 hour drive (plus it extends some 15000 ft below the water). On the top are the worlds best telescopes, including 2 (Krek 1 and Krek 2) which have 10m lenses. Which, to put it mildly, is huge. We went inside 2 of the telescopes up there and stayed up top to watch the sun set over Maui. The clouds decend as it cools off at night and so it was like looking out of an airplane with clouds below us and the sun set, except we were standing on land!
Leaving the Big Island saw us battling crazy winds (we were surfing down waves at 11knts) in our passage to Molokini, a half crater extinct volcano which has great snorkling. Or so I have heard, everyone got to go off snorkling while I made breakfast. Breakfast you say? Yes, we arrived there at 5:30 am to beat all the tour boats who litterally take over the place around 8:30. After some snorlking, everyone came back on the boat and ate breakfast then we headed over to Maui where we are at the moment. We are anchored off Lahina, the former capitol of Hawaii and a former whale town where the guy who wrote Moby Dick visited.
We pull up the hook tonight and head up to Kuai before making out way down to Oahu and Honolulu by Independance Day.


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